i am jessica, born into a house where no one understands where i come from or what the hell i'm doing. i'm doing it for fun and that is why i am me! pretty simple; art, music, laughter! 


I often think about everyone who has turned their back on me. People who have called me their “friend”, their “best friend”, their “sister”, even “daughter”. None of them are with me today. Everyone fucking leaves. Everyone gets sick of me or something. I guess I am very different. It must be me,…


Perpetual Calendar, 2013 | by Arina Pozdnyak

Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.

The truest movie quote of all time!

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Simgeci tattoo studio (odii) Eskisehir


this had me in tears omg



if a boy ever complains about you kissing him cause he doesnt want to get red lipstick on him or whatever, go kiss a girl cause im sure they won’t mind the free makeover 

also girls are hot



what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality



Words of wisdom from Ron Swanson.

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